Here is the fly pattern sheet for Pauls English Damsel Nymph.

Pauls English Damsel Nymph |
Pauls English Damsel Nymph Materials |



Dai Riki 730, #12 – 16


3/32″ gold Dazl Eyes


6/0 olive


Light olive marabou


Medium olive marabou


Dark olive marabou


  1.  Attach thread to hook and use figure 8 wraps to secure eye. Place eyes about 2 hook eye diameters back from hook eye. (Optional – use Super glue to secure eye.)
  2. Tie in lightest marabou behind eye and wind thread back with open loops to hook barb. Marabou “tail” should be about hook shank in length. Return thread using open wraps to point behind eyes.
  3. Tie in medium marabou behind eyes with 4 – 5 thread wraps, allowing marabou to flow free. Marabou should extend half-way down tail.
  4. Tie in darkest marabou behind eye with 4 – 5 thread wraps. Length should extend to end of hook. 
  5. Wind thread to point behind hook eye. Pull butt ends of marabou over eyes and tie off, creating head.
  6. Whip finish.

The key to this fly are the three different marabou colors. Use lightest color first, medium next, and end with darkest color.

Pauls English Damsel Nymph is a fly pattern I learned during this year’s fly club Winter Fly Tying Classes. Peter Bowers, owner of The Patient Angler taught this fly. I can’t wait to try it out!

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