Here is the fly pattern sheet for Dougs Damsel Nymph.

Doug's Damsel Nymph |

And top view.

Doug's Damsel Nymph - Top View |

This is what the fly will look like after it’s tied.

Dougs Damsel Nymph - Wet |

Here is a picture of the same fly, only wet.

And the real bug…

Damsel Nymph |



Daiichi 1260, TMC 2312, or Dai Riki 280, #12 – 14


Olive or tan


Olive or tan duck or goose quill




Olive or tan marabou


Gold wire


Olive or tan dubbing


Olive or tan dubbing


Olive or tan marabou


  1. Begin thread on hook 2 eye lengths back from eye.
  2. Tie on thin amount of marabou for tail. Trim butts at point where thread began. Tail proportion should be about 1 1/2 length of body. Butts will provide base for smooth, even body.
  3. Tie in rib material at tail and use thread to secure body. Trim remaining wire.
  4. Tie in goose quill so it extends over hook eye. This will be pulled back over thorax and eye in Step 8.
  5. Secure eye where marabou butts end using figure eight wraps, leaving space for thorax area.
  6. Form a SLIM body with dubbing and continue dubbing over and around eyes. Dub up to hook eye and end behind eyes.
  7. Wrap rib forward to eye and tie off.
  8. Tie in sparse clumps of marabou on both sides of eyes to represent legs. Trim with scissors or tear off with fingers.
  9. Position thread behind eye and legs.
  10. Pull goose quill back over thorax, eye, and legs. Trim wingcase.
  11. Whip finish or use several half hitches to finish fly.


  1. Dress the fly so it is THIN. Check picture of real bug.
  2. Damsel nymphs vary in color, even in the same lake. Tie them in various shades of olive and tan. Watch for the real bugs swimming in the water as an indication of color.
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