Here is the fly pattern sheet for Dennys Stillwater Nymph.



Daiichi 1710 or TMC 5262 2xl, size 12 – 14


Black or olive


010 or .015 lead – 6 to 8 wraps


Olive or burnt orange marabou


Burnt Orange


Olive seal substitute


Copper wire – brassie size

Wing case:

Olive or burnt orange marabou tied down full length over the hook


  1. Wrap lead around hook leaving 2 hook eye lengths clear.
  2. Tie on the tail about 1 ½ times the length of the hook and leave the butts long. Fold back and secure with a few thread wraps. This will become the wing case.
  3. Tie in the copper wire rib at hook barb.
  4. Tie in hackle by tip at hook barb.
  5. Create dubbing loop with thread.
  6. Insert seal substitute dubbing in loop and wrap forward. Pull out excess dubbing for a slim profile.
  7. Wind copper rib forward with 8 – 10 wraps.
  8. Wraps hackle forward with 3 – 4 turns.
  9. Pull the wing case over the top and tie down.
  10. Trim hackle from each side, leaving it on the bottom of fly.
  11. Whip finish head.

Note: Denny uses this fly as an imitation for damsel flies and scuds. Vary marabou colors.


  1. Good morning John,
    I’m not sure if you are tying much right now since the fishing is pretty hot. If you are, I would like to place a small order. I know what I want, and you may already have them tied. I would like three of each color of Denny’s Stillwater Nymph in size 14, three of each color in size 12, a total of 18 flies. If this is doable great, or if you are on your Montana trip I will just wait until you have the time.

    Thank you,
    Mike Samples

  2. John, I am trying to tie the “Denny’s Stillwater nymph”. What size should I tie for local lakes?

    1. Ron

      I usually tie and fish the Denny’s Stillwater Nymph in a size 14. It’s one of my go-to searching flies in lakes.


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