Here is the fly pattern sheet for a simple Beetle. It may be called a different name, so apologies to the creator.

Simple Beetle |
Simple Beetle - Bottom |



Dry fly #12 – 18


Black 6/0


Black thread under black 2 mm foam shellback


Rainbow shimmer legs or black Flex Floss


Chartreuse 2 mm foam


  1. Start thread on hook and build a base from the eye to the bend.
  2. Cut a piece of foam about 1/4 inch wide and a few inches long.
  3. Tie in foam at hook bend, giving the foam a trim with scissors making a “point” so the foam is less bulky at tie in. Run thread over foam down about 1/2 the hook which adds a little body effect to the fly and aids in flotation. Go back an forth over hook shank, covering foam.
  4. Bring thread to 1/3 mark and pull foam forward over body to create shell. Tie down, but DON’T CUT remaining foam.
  5. Wrap thread over left-over foam to create head and trim foam over hook eye, making pronounced head.
  6. Tie in legs using about one inch of leg material on each side of body between shellback and head.
  7. Cut slightly thinner piece of bright colored foam and lay over back and tie in over legs. Trim to size.
  8. Whip finish.

This is a fly Jeff Perin from The Fly FIsher’s Place taught to the Central Oregon Flyfisher’s club in 2018.