Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Dolly Llama Streamer.

Dolly Llama |


Trailing hook:

Owner SSW, Daiichi D2557, #4

Front hook:

Mustad 34007 or Daiichi DX452, #2


30 lb fly line backing


3/8″ nickel cone


Olive 6/0 or 140 denier


30 lb fly line backing

Tail & body:

Rabbit strip – olive


Rabbit strip – white


Saltwater Flashabou, pearl or Lateral Scale


  1. Loop fly line backing through trailing hook and place in vise. 
  2. Begin thread on hook behind eye and cover hook to point. Return thread to 2 eye lengths behind hook eye.
  3. Separate hair about an inch from the back of rabbit strip. This allows a good tie in point to secure hide on hook. If too much hair is bound within wraps, the rabbit strip will rotate. Pull rabbit upward and whip finish thread behind hook eye.
  4. Place front hook in vise after sliding conehead onto hook.
  5. Begin thread on hook behind lead and create small “bump” of thread to hold weight in position. Continue wrapping thread backwards to a point just shy of barb.
  6. Tie down fly line backing on hook with thread wraps extending to cone. Pull fly line backing backwards and wrap to hook barb. Add Super Glue to secure (optional).
  7. Measure the rabbit strip and separate hair to secure hide on hook with several thread wraps above barb.
  8. Move thread up to conehead.
  9. Wrap rabbit strip forward around hook with touching turns and fill in conehead with a wrap or two. Tie off securely with several thread wraps. Trim extra rabbit.
  10. Select piece of white rabbit and remove hair from 1/4″ of hide. Slip hide into conehead on bottom of fly and secure with several thread wraps. Cut hide just short of trailing hook point.
  11. Take 1 long piece of Flashabou and fold around thread. Wrap thread around hook while holding both ends of Flashabou and place along one side of fly. The section should be long enough that it results in two strands on a side. Repeat on other side.
  12. Whip finish and cut thread.

Personal tying notes:

  • Substitute Mustad 3407 for 34007 hook
  • Use Conehead 9.6mm (3/8″) for #2 front hook – Hareline code CONE208

Here is a link to my RiverKeeper Flies YouTube channel where I demonstrate how to tie the fly.

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