Here is the fly pattern sheet for Barr’s Meat Whistle.

Barr's Meat Whistle |



Daiichi 4660 #2


6/0 Danville olive


Gold 6.3 mm brass


Copper wire – brassie size


Diamond braid – gold (Hareline code FD153)


Rabbit strip – tan (Hareline code RS43)


Crazy legs – blue/silver flake (Hareline code CL23)


Flashabou – electric blue (Hareline code FLA6908)


Marabou – peach (Hareline code MSBQ281)

For step-by-step instructions, see Charlie’s Fly Box. He does an excellent job describing how to tie the fly.

Personal tying notes:

  • Begin thread at 1/4 mark. This leaves enough space to tie in all materials and slide cone over ends.
  • Use thread base to prevent material slippage.
  • Tail is about 1 1/2 body lengths.
  • Use 5 strands of Flashabou and double over for 10 total.
  • Cut leg material half-length of tail.
  • Cut Flashabou about 1/2 inch past end of hook.
  • Flashabou same length as marabou.
  • When tying marabou on top and bottom, use thumb nail to spread material half way around hook.

Barr’s three favorite color combinations are watermelon (olive), pumpkinseed (rust), and black and blue. The one above are the materials for a custom streamer I tied for a customer – a Virile Crayfish.

For a little more information about Barr’s Meat Whislte, check out this Throw Back Thursday Fly post.