Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Bitch Creek Nymph

Bitch Creek Nymph |
Black & orange

Bottom view

Bitch Creek Nymph |
Bitch Creek Nymph - Light Pink -
Black/brown & pink


Daiichi 1720, TMC 5263 #10 – 6


Lead – see below


Fine chenille


Medium chenille


Three wraps


Flex Floss


  1. Begin winding weight at hook point and continue to 2 eye lengths behind hook eye.
  2. Tie in back legs.
  3. Tie in dark chenille on side close to you.
  4. Tie in lighter chenille on opposite side.
  5. After tying in both pieces of chenille, wrap thread forward to hook eye, tie off and cut thread. Weaving the chenille can’t be completed with thread on hook.
  6. To weave, the black moves back and forth on top of the hook. The light colored chenille goes over the black and under the hook.
  7. Continue forward to 50% mark, cross both ends over top and back. Hold finger to keep in place as you begin thread again.
  8. Pull black forward and make thread wrap to secure. Pull lighter color chenille forward and take several wraps. Trim both ends.
  9. Tie in chenille for thorax (medium?)
  10. Tie in hackle by butt end.
  11. Tie in antenna.
  12. Wrap chenille forward and tie off.
  13. Wind hackle forward with one wrap behind chenille. Take 3 – 4 wraps of hackle total.

Personal tying notes:

  • size 10 hook – .020 lead
  • size 8 hook – .025 lead
  • Chenille colors – black & orange, black/brown & pink

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