Here is the fly pattern sheet for Taylor’s Golden Spey.

Golden Spey |

View from top showing how wing is tied.

Golden Spey - Top View |



Alec Jackson 1.5


Danville 6/0 white and black


Flat silver followed by medium oval twist


Rear half hot orange floss, front half hot orange seal


Blue-eared pheasant


Golden pheasant breast


Golden pheasant breast set flat over body



Here are a few pictures of the fly in process.

Step 1 – Tinsel attached with floss body and Blue-eared Pheasant.

Golden Spey - Step 1 |

Step 2 – Front half of fly with dubbed body

Golden Spey - Step 2 |

Step 3 – Wrap flat tinsel forward and follow with Blue-eared Pheasant hackle. Counter wrap with oval twist.

Golden Spey - Step 3 |

Step 4 – Tie in collar hackle and pull all fibers downward in preparation of wing.

Golden Spey - Step 4 |

Finished Fly with wing attached.

Golden Spey - Finished in Vise |

I tied this fly as part of a project for a customer. Be sure to read my blog post Spey Fly Project for more about the story of tying the fly as well as a couple variants.

Variant 1 – tied with tinsel for back half of body.

Transition Spey 1 |

Close-up of tinsel body.

Transition Spey Body Close-up |

Variant 2 – Final transition using claret or ruby colors for transition to Ruby Spey.

Transition Spey 2 |

Ruby Spey

Ruby Spey |

Close-up of Ruby Spey body.

Ruby Spey Body Close-up |