Here is the fly pattern sheet for Mike Kinney’s Reverse Spider.

Reverse Spider |

And the front view

Reverse Spider - Front View |







Daiichi 1270, TMC 200 #4 – 12

Danville 70 denier, black

Amherst pheasant

Black chennile

Amherst pheasant


  1. Begin thread on hook behind eye, creating short base.
  2. Select Amherst pheasant feather and preen fibers back to create enough fibers for tail.
  3. Tie in feather immediately behind eye with 5 to 6 wraps.
  4. Trim butt and hold fibers firmly.
  5. Continue wrapping thread to tail tie-in spot.
  6. Secure fibers in hand with thread to create tail.
  7. Return thread to position 2 eye lengths behind hook eye.
  8. Wrap hackle extending over hook eye with touching turns towards tail. Stroke fibers over eye with each turn. Tie off and trim stem.
  9. Move thread to mid-point of shank.
  10. Tie in chenille and move thread back to tail.
  11. Wind chenille forward to hook eye, ensuring it is tight against eye and then backwards with touching turns to tail.
  12. Tie off chenille and trim.
  13. Whip finish at tail, trim thread, and add a drop of cement.

Personal tying note:

  • Use small chenille for size 10 and 12 flies; medium chenille for larger sizes.
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