Here is the fly pattern sheet for Scottys Midge.

Scotty's Midge |

Here is a size 20 Scottys Midge.

The following  Scottys Midge was tied by Craig Mathews during the Craig Mathews Winter Seminar in February 2015. Craig used a Tiemco 206BL hook because it was handy.

Scottys Midge tied by Craig Mathews |




Dai Riki 125 or TMC 2488 #18 – 20


8/0 Olive dun


Coachman brown or Pheasant tail Zelon


Working thread


Midge Black


Sparkle Dun deer hair


  1. Attach thread to hook at the 50% mark and wrap thread to hood barb.
  2. Attach a Zelon tail about the length of the hook shank with a few thread wraps.
  3. Create body with working thread by spiraling up with open wraps to thorax area, 1/3 back from hook eye.
  4. Select, clean, and stack deer hair for wing. Attach with tips extended over hook eye. Secure wings upright with thread wraps in front and behind wing. Allow wing to extend over hook eye.
  5. Dub a tight tapered thorax in front of the wing to the hook eye.
  6. Whip finish and clip butts of deer hair.

I’ve seen two fly pattern sheets from Blue Ribbon Flies. One has the directions above. The other dubs the thorax area first, then tying the deer hair wing in the middle of the dubbed thorax. The second pattern sheet calls for tan or rusty dun thread.

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