Here is the fly pattern sheet for Pegs Midge.

#24 Peg's Midge |

Here is a size 24 Peg’s Midge




Daiichi 1100, Dai Riki 320 or TMC 100 #20 – 26


16/0 Veevus black or brown


Cream hackle fibers


Peacock herl


Cream hackle


  1. Attach thread to hook, leaving small space behind hook eye and cover hook to 50% mark.
  2. Select a 3 – 4 hackle fibers from a large hackle for the tail. Tie on fibers and wind back ending at hook barb.
  3. Select one peacock herl, trim about 1″ off tip and tie in at hook barb and move thread forward to point two hook eyes behind eye.
  4. Wind peacock forward with touching turns to thorax.
  5. Tie in hackle and wind forward to hook eye with three turns. Tie off hackle.
  6. Whip finish.

I found this fly from Youtube: tightlinevideo – Peg’s Midge, produced by Tightline Productions.

Be sure to check out my Small Flies post for more information.

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