Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Manhattan Midge.

Manhattan Midge |



TMC 2488, #18 – 22


Silver-lined glass, extra small


8/0 Uni, black or red


Copper Ultra-wire, extra small


Glamour Madera


Peacock herl


  1. Slip bead on hook and position at eye.
  2. Start thread on hook behind eye and after 5 wraps secure copper rib on hook.
  3. Use touching turns of thread while securing rib and continue around bend of hook.
  4. Return thread back to thorax area with touching turns.
  5. Wind rib forward with 5 or 6 even wraps. Tie off and “helicopter” wire and break off.
  6. Tie on wing behind bead with several firm thread turns and trim wing.
  7. Position thread to point equal width of bead and tie in peacock. Wrap forward and tie off. Trim peacock.
  8. Whip finish.

This is a fly from Pat Dorsey at The Blue Quill Angler in Evergreen, CO. Here’s what he writes on his website about the fly:

“The Manhattan Midge is a souped-up hybrid of the Top Secret Midge, Mercury Black Beauty, and Mercury Blood Midge that incorporates the best attributes of each pattern. It has a slim profile, segmented body, a flashy wing, peacock collar that breathes life, and a clear silver-lined bead to imitate trapped air in the thorax.”

Here is a link to my RiverKeeper Flies YouTube channel where I demonstrate how to tie the fly: