Here is the fly pattern sheet for Harrop’s CDC Transitional Midge.

Harrop's CDC Midge Emerger - Bottom View |
Hook:Daiichi 1100 or any dry fly hook, size 18 – 26
Thread:16/0 – color to match body 
Tail:Small grizzly hackle tip
Body:Muskrat gray TroutHunter Pro dubbing
Legs:Dun CDC fiber tied center of body
Wings:Dun TroutHunter CDC cupped over body 


  1. Start thread behind eye of hook and wind halfway down hook shank. Attach grizzly hackle tip extending backward about a hook shank length and wind thread to hook barb. Wind thread back to 50% mark and trim butt end.
  2. Select small CDC feather or CDC puff. Holding the butt end over the hook eye, pull fibers backwards and place on top of hook. Take wraps back to hook barb.
  3. Trim butt end at hook eye. These ends will make legs. Separate so legs extend along side of fly with equal amounts. Trim excess fibers on top.
  4. Attach dubbing or use working thread to create body. Wind forward with touching wraps, ending at tie in point of CDC feather. Pull legs back and continue wrapping in front of legs. Leave an eye length clear to tie off wing.
  5. Fold CDC feather forward loosely between split wing (legs) and tie off. Whip finish and trim thread.
  6. Lift and trim excess CDC fibers to create a small head.

Here are a couple of other pictures from different angles.

Top View
Harrop's CDC Midge Emerger - Top View |
Side View
Harrop's CDC Midge Emerger |

Lastly, here is a video from Tightline Production on tying Harrop’s CDC Transitional Midge. 

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