Here is the fly pattern sheet for Stalcup’s Stillborn Emerger.

Stalcup's Stillborn Emerger - Top View |



Daiichi 1110, #14 – 22


To match body color


CDC, natural dun


D-Rib or Micro Tubing






Z-lon, brown


Marabou, brown (or ostrich herl)


  1. Begin thread on hook and create thread base.
  2. Select 2 CDC feathers and tie down tips with remaining feather over hook eye. Secure tips with several turns of thread.
  3. Tie in shuck and then D-rib, wrapping backward to hook barb.
  4. Return thread to CDC tie-off point.
  5. Tie in hackle.
  6. Dub body
  7. Wrap hackle backwards using 2 or 3 turns and tie off.
  8. Wrap D-rib using touching turns just beyond hook point, tie off and trim. leaving room
  9. Pull hackle from top and bottom and use pinch to move to side of hook.
  10. Grab both CDC feathers and pull tightly backwards. Position thumb on top of hook and slide forward a small amout. This will create an “envelope” with the CDC moving around top of hook. Tie off and trim CDC.
  11. Select 5 or 6 fibers of marabou and trim tip. Tie in at hook tie off.
  12. Twist marabou around thread to create rope. Take a couple wraps, tie off and cut off excess.
  13. Whip finish in front of marabou.
  14. Trim shuck 1/2 length of hook shank.
  15. Pull or trim hackle fibers from fly bottom, allowing fly to ride flush in the film.

Note: Wrap hackle the standard way or what Shane calls “twisting”, where he twists the hackle around the thread similar to creating a peacock body or thorax where the material is wrapped around the thread to create durability. Use 2 – 3 turns.

Here is a link to Netknots Fly Tying and Shane tying the fly.