Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Stalcup CDC Loop Wing Emerger.

Stalcup CDC Loop Wing Emerger |



Daiichi 1130 or TMC 2487, #16 – 20


8/0 to match body color




Goose biot




Superfine Blue Wing Olive dubbing




  1. Begin thread on hook and continue part way around bend.
  2. Tie in tail with 3 to 4 thread wraps. Do not trim tail butt-ends.
  3. Tie in goose biot with notch towards back and tie in tip first.
  4. Wrap thread forward over biot tip and partridge to create a smooth underbody. Position thread at thorax.
  5. Wrap biot forward, covering furled edges. Option: Apply Zap-a-Gap before wrapping biot for extra strength.
  6. Secure biot with thread wraps. Position thread even with hook point.
  7. Select 2 CDC feathers and even tips. Tie in CDC with concave up and feather over end of hook. Take one loose wrap around feather close to the butt. With thread still loose, pull feather backward allowing trapped barbs to be captured. Continue until only tip remains and secure with several thread wraps.
  8. Add dubbing to thread for thorax. Wrap dubbing to create thorax area. Leave one eye length clear to finish fly.
  9. Tie in throat and trim hackle.
  10. Fold CDC feathers forward over eye and push backwards to create loose wing. Tie off feather.
  11. Whip finish and trim thread.

Watch Shane Stalcup tie a CDC Loop Wing Emerger on my friend, John Sherry’s NetKnots Fly Tying Youtube channel.

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