Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Beta Spinner.

RiverKeeper Beta Spinner |



Daiichi 1180, 1280 #14 – 8


6/0 Danville brown


Superfine – March Brown or Spirit River UV


Light colored coq de leon and grizzly


  1. Attach thread to hook and wind to 50 percent mark.
  2. Create a thick body by winding back to barb and forward to thorax, ending at 60 percent mark.
  3. Tie in coq de leon hackle by tip.
  4. Tie in grizzly hackle by tip.
  5. Wind grizzly hackle forward with open wraps and tie off.
  6. Wrap coq de leon hackle forward and tie off.
  7. Whip finish and trim thread.

Personal tying notes:

  • I tried 5 – 6 wraps of coq de leon hackle. Some flies sunk, so I used open wraps of CDL with grizzley hackle between each wrap. Now I use 8 – 10 wraps of CDL.
  • Tie hackle in by tip. Hold stem and “Break” hackle to fold back.