Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Quigley Cripple – Red Quill.

Quigley Cripple Red Quill |



Daiichi 1180/1100 or TMC 100, sizes 16


Danville Brown 6/0 – 70 denier (number 47)


Mayfly brown Zelon over dun hackle fibers


Stripped brown hackle quill


Superfine Rusty Brown dubbing


Sparkle dun deer hair



Personal tying notes:

  • Used stripped Collins saddle hackle for body.
  • Coated with Solarez Bone Dry UV resin.


  1. Attach thread to hook behind hook eye and wind backwards to barb.
  2. Tie in tail fibers with 2 – 3 wraps and continue binding butt ends to thorax area.
  3. Tie in Zelon at tail area and bind down full length of body to keep diameter equal. Return thread to barb.
  4. Tie in stripped quill at barb and move thread to 1/3 mark. Wrap quill forward with touching turns and tie off.
  5. Coat with UV resin or head cement to secure.
  6. Tie in hackle
  7. Add a small amount of dubbing. Be sure not to crowd remaining area for wing and hackle.
  8. Tie in deer hair wing with tips extend over hook eye. Cut rear section and leave small tuft.
  9. Wrap hackle forward with 3 wraps behind wing and lift wing material up and 1 wrap in front. Tie off hackle and cut excess.
  10. Whip finish.
  11. Optional: trim hackle bottom even with hook point to allow low profile in water.
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