Here is the fly patterns sheet for the PMD Foam Emerger,

PMD Foam Emerger |
PMD Foam Emerger Materials |



Daiichi 1180 or TMC 100, #16 – 18


8/0 light cahill


Zelon – mayfly brown


Superfine dubbing – PMD


Gray closed-cell foam, 1 mm


Dun or grizzly


  1. Begin thread behind hook eye and position thread at 50 percent mark.
  2. Tie on Zelon shuck and continue thread down to hook barb.
  3. Attach dubbing and wind forward to thorax area, about 75% mark.
  4. Attach foam with long end extending over back of hook. Bring foam forward, creating a “hump”. Trim excess.
  5. Tie in hackle and take 2 – 3 turns. Tie off and trim excess.
  6. Whip finish head.
  7. Trim hackle short along bottom.

This style of fly imitates several mayfly stages. It could imitate an emerging mayfly, cripple, or stillborn bug. Trimming the bottom hackle allows the fly to ride flush in the surface film.

The PMD Foam Emerger is another proven pattern from Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone, Montana.