Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Pliva Perdigon Nymph, named after the Pliva River in Bosnia.

Pliva Perdigon |




Hanak 230 BL, size 16. or Daiichi 1560


Copper 2.3 mm 


.015 lead wire


Olive Veevus Body Quill


3 or 4 Coq de Leon fibers


Fluorescent Veevus Power Thread, 140 denier


Olive Veevus Body Quill


Fluorescent orange Ultra Thread (70 denier)

Wing Case:

Black nail polish


UV resin or Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails polish


  1. Place bead on a de-barbed hook
  2. Slide bead on hook and wrap 3 – 5 turns of lead and slide into bead to secure. Coat with super glue.
  3. Start thread on hook behind the bead.
  4. Tie on tail material, beginning mid-hook. Hold fibers upward and continue winding to hook barb. Tail length is hook shank length starting  behind the bead.
  5. Advance thread back to bead and attach rib. 
  6. Advance the thread back to tail to secure the rib then make a tapered body. See photo.
  7. Spiral wrap the rib forward and secure rib behind the bead. Make 2 half hitches and cut thread.
  8. Attach the fluorescent thread and wrap a collar then whip finish and cut thread.
  9. Using the black finger nail polish, paint a black wing case on the thorax area and top of bead. A couple of coats will suffice.
  10. Let the wing case dry then coat the fly with a UV resin or clear finger nail polish.

I’ve linked to a great video by Devin Olsen who has been a member of the 2017 Fly Fishing Teams USA at the World Fly Fishing Championship. It was Devon’s 9th consecutive year in that role.