Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Pheasant Tail Soft Hackle.

Pheasant Tail Soft Hackle |



Daiichi 1550, #12 – 16 or Alec Jackson North Country, #11 – 13




5 – 8 pheasant tail fibers


Copper wire – brassie size


Pheasant tail fibers


Peacock herl


Hungarian Partridge


  1. Begin thread on hook behind hook eye and wind thread back to point above bard.
  2. Select 5 – 8 pheasant tail fibers and tie in directly above hook barb. Length should be about body length. Do not trim butt ends.
  3. Tie in copper rib at same point. Move thread forward to two eye lengths behind hook eye, binding copper wire tag end.
  4. Wind pheasant tail fibers forward to two eye lengths behind hook eye, tie off, and trim fibers.
  5. Counter-wrap rib forward with 5 wraps and tie off. Trim wire.
  6. Tie in 1 to 3 peacock herl fibers and take 3 or 4 wraps forward, leaving 2 eye lengths for wing.
  7. Select Hungarian Partridge feather and strip off fluffy material. Hold tip and carefully pull fibers backwards to expose a small tie-in point. Attach to hook with a few thread wraps and wrap forward with a couple of wraps. Tie off and trim hackle.
  8. Whip finish and trim thread.