Here is the fly pattern sheet for the March Brown Mayfly Cripple. It can also be used to imitate the Cinygmula mayfly dun.

Mayfly Cripple - Cinygmula |

Here is a picture of the real Cinygmula dun.

Cinygmula Mayfly |




Daiichi 1180, TMC 100 #12 – 16 or any dry fly hook


70 denier Danville brown (6/0)


Zelon – mayfly brown


Superfine dubbing – march brown


EP Trigger Point Fibers – light or medium dun


Medium brown


  1. Attach thread to hook behind hook eye and wind backwards about halfway.
  2. Tie in Zelon and hold upwards and on top of hook while continuing to wrap thread to hook barb.
  3. Add dubbing to thread and wind forward until 2/3 point.
  4. Tie in wing material, allowing materials to extend over hook eye. Wrap tightly as materials are slick. Cut rear section and leave small tuft.
  5. Tie in hackle. Place 3 wraps behind wing and lift wing material up and place 2 wraps in front. Tie off hackle and cut excess.
  6. Whip finish.
  7. Trim tail 2/3 body length.
  8. To trim wing, pull wing back and trim at end of body.
  9. Trim hackle bottom even with hook point to allow low profile in water.

This fly pattern can be used to imitate a March Brown or Cinygmula mayfly.