Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Last Chance Cripple Baetis fly.

Last Chance Cripple - Baetis |
Hook:Daiichi 1100, 1180, TMC 100 #16 – 20
Thread:8/0 Uni or 16/0 Veevus olive dun
Tail:2 strands Wood Duck
Shuck:Brown or rust Antron 
Body:Brown goose biot
Thorax:Superfine dubbing, gray/olive
Wing:2 CDC medium dun feathers
Hackle:Medium dun grizzly


  1. Attach thread to hook behind hook eye and wind backwards about halfway.
  2. Tie in Wood Duck and hold upwards and on top of hook while continuing to wrap thread just past hook bend.
  3. Tie in sparse amount of shuck, about the length of hook gape.
  4. Tie in biot with furl up and wind forward until 2/3 point.
  5. Tie in CDC wing material, allowing materials to extend over hook eye. Cut rear section and leave small tuft.
  6. Tie in hackle.
  7. Dub thorax and continue in front of CDC wing, ending thread behind eye.
  8. Wrap hackle with 3 wraps behind wing, lift wing material up and place 2 wraps in front. Tie off hackle and cut excess.
  9. Whip finish.
  10. Trim hackle bottom even with hook point to allow low profile in water.

The Last Chance Cripple – Baetis is a variation of the Quigley Cripple fly pattern, using a CDC wing instead of deer hair. Another creative fly pattern from Rene’ Harrop.

Personal tying notes:

  • I used 8/0 thread for size 16 and 18 flies; 16/0 for size 20
  • I used Rusty Spinner turkey biots.