Here is the fly pattern sheet for Galloup’s Sunken Spinner.

Galloup's Sunken Spinner |

Top view

Galloup's Sunken Spinner - Top View |

Here is a variant I’ve tied and fished during our 2020 fly fishing road trip with great success. I’ve changed it to a dry fly with dry fly hackle and wrapped the biot using the smooth side which I believe more represents the natural insect, especially in broken and fast water. I used a rusty dun hackle which has a similar color to the Hungarian Partridge. I plan to experiment with a grizzly hackle which might represent the spinner wing closer.

Galloup's Sunken Spinner - Variant |



Daiichi 1180 or any dry fly hook, #14 – 20


Danville 6/0, brown


Hungarian Partridge


Turkey biot – rusty spinner color


Dun MFC Z-yarn or Zelon


Adams gray Superfine dubbing


Brown or natural Hungarian Partridge (Optional – dry fly hackle)

Note: Other body and thorax colors include PMD, olive, sulfur orange.


  1. Begin thread on hook and wind back to hook barb.
  2. Select 4 to 5 fibers for tail and tie in, about body length. Wrap thread forward over butt ends to help create taper.
  3. Wind thread back to barb and tie in biot by tip. For durability, place small drop of super glue on hook shank. Wrap biot forward.
  4. Wrap forward with furl exposed.
  5. Tie in sparse wing at 2/3 position using figure 8 and position vertical.
  6. Dub thorax.
  7. Trim wings equal to back of body.
  8. Tie in hackle by the tip and take a couple of turns. Tie off and trim.
  9. Whip finish.

His original fly pattern called for a body of Adams Superfine dubbing and brown hen hackle. For more information about the fly, go to my Throw Back Thursday Fly post – Kelly Galloup’s Sunken Spinner.

Kelly Galloup's Sunken Spinner - Top View |

Watch Kelly tie the fly and explain why he changed his thinking: