Here is the fly pattern sheet for Janssens Damsel Nymph.

Janssen's Damsel Nymph |

Side view

Janssen's Damsel Nymph - Top View |



Daiichi 1720, #12 – 14




Olive-brown marabou


Olive 6/0 thread


Brown-olive dubbing


Mottled brown turkey


Brown hackle, palmered and clipped short


Insect green chenille or damsel green dubbing


  1. Start thread on hook at 50% mark. Select 3 marabou fibers and tie down by holding fibers up to keep on top of hook. Wind back to hook barb, then place one wrap under marabou fibers to splay and slightly cock upwards.
  2. Tie on thread rib material.
  3. Dub a slim body, ending at 60% mark. This will allow enough room for wingcase.
  4. Bring rib material forward with 6 – 8 evenly spaced wraps.
  5. Tie in turkey slip, shinny side down.
  6. Tie in hackle material.
  7. Dub thorax.
  8. Wind hackle forward using 3 – 4 turns. Clip top and bottom as well as sides to create short legs.
  9. Pull turkey wingcase over thorax and tie off.
  10. Whip finish.
  11. Apply UV resin to wingcase.

This is the creation of Hal Janssen. The pattern was first seen in a 1976 Fly Fisherman magazine article. It was developed for Henry’s Lake in Idaho.

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