Here is the fly pattern sheet for Lance Egan’s Red Dart.

Egan's Red Dart |



Hanak H 400 BL, MFS 7204, Fulling Mill FM50 45 Jig Hook, #14


UTC 70 denier – red


Slotted tungsten bead – gold – 7/64″ (2.8 mm or 3.3 mm)


Lead wire – .015


Soft hackle feathers, red – 15 to 20 fibers


Ice Dub – Peacock

Rib 1:

Monofilament – 6X

Rib 2:

Sulky Metallic Tinsel – opalescent (8040)


Hen Cape – Greenwell, brown, or furnace


Ice Dub – UV Shrimp Pink

Wing case:

UTC Flashback Tinsel – black – large (optional)


  1. Slide slotted bead onto hook and place 8 to 10 wraps of lead immediately behind bead.
  2. Begin thread next to lead and create “thread ramp” taper between lead and hook.
  3. Tie in red hackle tail about half the body length.
  4. Tie in mono rib.
  5. Tie in Sulky rib.
  6. Dub body and wrap forward almost to bead.
  7. Counter-wrap Sulky rib forward to bead.
  8. Wrap mono rib the normal direction forward to bead.
  9. Tie in hackle by tip and force fibers backwards while wrapping two turns and tie off.
  10. A couple of turns of pink Ice Dub

For a brief history of the fly, see the Throw Back Thursday Fly post.