Here is the fly pattern sheet for the EP Sardina.

EP Bait Fish |

An original sample fly I used is at the top.


Gamakatsu SL 12S #2/0


Mono or white


EP Fibers – Polar Bear or Pearl White


EP Fibers 3D – Tarpon Streamer

  1. Begin thread at eye and create base (of white thread) and end at hook point.
  2. Cover thread with head cement.
  3. Start with section on top of hook, tie in middle of hank. Make a couple wraps rearward and then 4 wraps forward.
  4. Take an equal amount of white and place on bottom, splitting fibers in either side of hook. Use 4 – 5 wraps and wrap towards hook point.
  5. Fold back top and bottom fibers. Bind down 3 – 4 wraps of thread winding forward.
  6. Take equal about of fibers and tie on top with 4 wraps of thread with touching turns going forward.
  7. Tie on white fibers on bottom with 4 – 5 wraps to bump of previous materials.
  8. Fold top and bottom pieces and tie down with 4 – 5 wraps.
  9. Apply head cement.
  10. Now start the body of fly. Use less materials
  11. For top section, wrap around hook from bottom and hold equal amount of materials tightly on top while wrapping thread backwards with 3 turns.
  12. Do same for bottom.
  13. Repeat top and bottom again.
  14. Now begin head.
  15. Use shorter fibers for head sections, 2 1/2 – 3 inches long.
  16. Apply on top of hook, with thread towards point with 2 or 3 wraps.
  17. Apply white on bottom of hook, wrapping forward with 2 or 3 wraps.
  18. Tie in another on top.
  19. Pull top and bottom back and secure.
  20. Create small head and whip finish. Trim thread.
  21. Apply head cement around head and along side.
  22. Remove fly and comb out materials and trim fly.
  23. Replace in vice to attach eyes.
  24. Place eye on glue on bodkin.
  25. Slide eye from bodkin onto fly.

Three sections to fly – Tail section, body section, head section

2 and 2, top and bottom down fly

When trimming, the hook should barely show from belly fibers.

Other Hook Options:

  • Gamakatsu SL12S (Hareline code – GSL 12X) 1X Short Big Game Wide Gap Hook NS Black
  • Gamakatsu SC15 (Hareline code – GSC15) Wide Gap Hook Tin
  • Gamakatsu SC152H (Hareline code – GSC152H) 2X Strong Wide Gap Hook Tin

Option 2

  1. Apply thread base.
  2. Begin with white fibers. Wrap around thread and secure on top of hook almost above barb.
  3. Wrap top fibers at hook point using same technique on top of hook, wrapping thread backwards over fibers.
  4. Move thread forward.
  5. Tie in second section.
  6. Tie in on top of hook
  7. Tie red silky fibers on bottom. Trim fibers right behind bend of hook.
  8. Tie in white fibers on bottom.
  9. Begin third segment.
  10. Tie in fibers on top of hook.
  11. Tie in white fibers on bottom, but position fibers on each side of hook. Repeat.
  12. Tie in segment on top and position along sides with backward thread wraps.

The following video creates a wider, bulkier head which I believe might “push” more water to create a better profile…just a guess.