Here is the fly pattern sheet for the St Joe Special.

St Joe Special |
St Joe Special showing wings |
Showing split wings



Daiichi 1180 or TMC 100, size 12 – 16




Golden Pheasant tippet fibers


Orange Floss or wool


Grizzly hackle tips




  1. Begin thread on hook behind eye and wind to 1/3 mark.
  2. Select tail materials. Measure length of body and tie on top of hook. Trim butt ends.
  3. Wind thread back to hook barb while holding material at about a 30 percent upward angle. This will keep materials on top of hook.
  4. Return thread back to 1/4 mark.
  5. Select wings, strip excess fibers and tie on top of hook with three thread wraps. Length of wings should be body length. Place two or three thread wraps immediately in front of wing to keep upright.
  6. Wind thread back to 1/3 mark and tie in wool body material. Wind back to hook barb and bring back to 1/3 mark with second pass and tie off.
  7. Tie on hackle and place 3 – 4 wraps behind wing and 2 – 3 wraps in front of wing and tie off. Clip excess and whip finish.

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