Here is the fly pattern sheet for the St Joe Favorite, developed for the St Joe river in Idaho.

St Joe Favorite |



Daiichi 1180, size 10 – 18


Danville 70 denier, black


Golden Pheasant tippets


Bright green wool (chartreuse) or chartreuse floss


Matched sections of gray mallard quill slips






  1. Begin thread on hook behind eye and cover shank to 1/2 way point. Return to 1/3 mark.
  2. Select matching sections of mallard quill about 1/2 hook gape.
  3. Align tips and hold over eye, equal to hook shank. Points should extend away from each other.
  4. Tie in with a soft thread wrap and pull thread up, slowly allowing thread to circle hook and wing. Add several more thread wraps to secure, winding towards tail.
  5. Select Golden Pheasant tippet, measure about hook shank in length and tie in.
  6. Tie in body material at tail tie-in point if using wool. Wind forward covering 2/3 of shank. If using floss, tie in behind wing and wind back to tail and forward to tie off point.
  7. Select grizzly hackle and tie in.
  8. Wind thread forward and lift wing upright. Use several thread wraps to stand wing upright. Wrap thread with figure 8 between wings to separate and move thread forward to one eye length behind hook eye.
  9. Wrap hackle forward with 3 wraps behind and 2 wraps in front of wing. Tie off hackle a clip waste.
  10. Make small head and whip finish.