It’s May already. Can you believe it? And I have a problem…where will I fish?

As I review my own May RiverKeeper Flies posts from previous years, I see it’s a common occurrence.

There are so many options now…the Metolius (my home river), Crooked, Middle Deschutes, and Lower Deschutes. Then I could list a few lakes as well…Crane Prairie, Davis, or my favorite East Lake. The road to East will be clear mid-month and I’m ready to give it a try.

In other words, the waters in Central Oregon are in great shape.

When I’m not fishing, I’m tying flies. Filling a few customer orders and tying for the provider box as well. Here are several dozen Clark’s Lady Stones, the Golden Stone version, I completed recently.

Clark's Lady Stone - Golden Stone |

This fly is a simple variation of Lee’s original Clark’s Golden Stone. A tail is added to imitate the female’s egg sac.

Clark's Lady Stone - Golden Stone |

But back to my fishing problem…where am I going to fish?

Here is a part of a post I wrote in May 2016. Funny, it still applies today.

“I don’t know about you, but I’ve been like a deer in the headlights because I don’t know where to fish. There are too many choices! Seems like many rivers and lakes are getting good all at once and I don’t know which way to turn.

Shall I fish the Deschutes? Did you see my post last week about my Favorite Salmonfly Patterns? I could fish the Middle or Lower Deschutes for this spectacular hatch. A fly fisher doesn’t want to miss this action!

Deschutes River Rainbow |

I hear Davis Lake should be good. I had a trip planned with Central Oregon Project Healing Waters last week, but the weather turned for the worst and I heard there were even a few snowflakes! The fishing really turned off because of the weather, but that should change soon.

Then I could fish Crane Prairie Reservoir. For some reason, I like the tranquility of that lake. It opened recently and I’ve heard some success stories there as well.

Crane Prairie |

The Crooked River flows are getting back to fishable levels and fly fishers are beginning to do well again.

How about my local water, the Metolius? Sure there are some fish to be had, but the hatches and fish haven’t aligned for me to be a consistent producer…and there are SO many choices of other water to fish.

And those choices are just off the top of my head. I’m sure I could think of a few more as well.”

Yup, that 2016 post is the same feeling I have this year.

Time to get a few more of these.

May Rainbow |

If you’re curious about prior years, here are the links:

Enjoy…go fish!

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