Fishing has changed the last few weeks and I’ve come to the conclusion the river wins!

Bridge 99 - Metolius River |

July and August are tough months to fish some rivers. Hatches change. I’m spoiled. I enjoy dry fly fishing.

For me, there’s nothing like watching a fly I tied float down the river and seeing a slow rise to my fly and …wait…wait…wait for the fish to take the fly, tighten up, and feel the head shake.

Or the reckless takes to some big mayfly spinners in a little faster water. The fish doesn’t have much time to decide. WHAM!

But that hasn’t happened lately.

The hatches are changing and the fish behavior along with it.

I’ve been sitting along the river bank using my observation skills. Watching for dimples. Watching for flies floating in the film. Watching the birds work high in the sky.


But the rises aren’t there.

The birds working high in the sky tells me a spinner fall is forthcoming. (Read more about Spinners.) Many times, the spinners fall in the evening. So I stay late a few nights to see if that happens.

Not where I am.

How about the late evening caddis hatches?


Decided to camp in order to be at the river early in the morning. Sometimes there are spinner falls then.


OK, not all is lost. A few weeks ago there wasn’t a spinner fall in the early morning, so I swung a few flies for Bull Trout.

Bull Trout Underwater |

But don’t feel too sorry for me. This proves I’m flexible. I can fish something other than dry flies! I’m taking what the river gives me.

I’ve started fishing nymphs and streamers again. Searching for fish.

And going to different parts of the river to see what is happening.

Some days, it feels like I’m starting over. But what a problem to have!

I’ll figure it out. But for now, the river wins!

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  1. I could really use some help on flies for the Metolius. If you have time could you send me some idea what to tie up?

  2. Given the water temperatures, I’ve been backing off on my fishing this year somewhat; have a few favorite places that still are producing (with more work), but I’d not like to contribute to the struggles the fish are having this year. It’s an out-of-state year for me
    Howard Finck.

    1. Howard.

      Thanks for your comment. Water temps in most rivers are hot this year, with many restrictions in place to help save the fish. And I support this. However, I’m VERY LUCKY in that the river I fish mostly is currently running around 47 – 52.


  3. That was a heartfelt entry. I enjoyed it greatly. Although your observations and reports bring me to pause and wondering.
    Best wishes
    Jerry Martisak

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