Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Fat Albert.

Fat Albert |

And a black version…

Fat Albert - Black |
Fat Albert



Daiichi 1260 or 1710 2XL, #8 – 12


Danville 6/0, brown




3 pieces of 2 mm foam


Para-post, white


Tarantu-leggs, white medium


Hi-vis (optional)


  1. Begin thread on hook just behind eye and wind backwards to the bend. Wind towards eye again and return to bend, creating a thread foundation to attach foam body. This will prevent foam from rotating around hook.
  2. Move thread back to hook point as this will be the tie-in point for foam.
  3. Prepare 3 pieces of foam – tan, brown, tan. Cut the 2 mm foam in 2” lengths about the width of hook gape.
  4. Cut a “V” point for tie-in on one end of brown foam used for the overbody. Tie down foam and wrap back to hook bend. Bring thread forward to point just in front of hook point.
  5. Cut a “V” point for tie-in on one end of tan foam used for underbody. Wrap thread backwards to jam foam against overbody foam. Doing so will create the desired “big butt” for fly. Use touching turns of thread to securely attach foam.
  6. Wrap thread forward to hook point and pull tan underbody foam forward and secure with several thread wraps. This is the first segment of 4 evenly spaced segments to the 60% mark.
  7. Pull overbody foam forward and tie off securely with 4 thread wraps.
  8. Tie in wing material, folding back to create thicker wing. Trim to end of body.
  9. Tie in indicator foam, which is a little shorter and narrower than other 2 pieces.
  10. Tie legs on each side using same spot where foam is tied in.
  11. Lift foam and move thread to hook eye. Tie in first foam piece with a few thread wraps; then repeat for the next piece of foam.
  12. Tie in one set of front legs on each side.
  13. Lastly, bring indicator foam forward and tie down securely.
  14. Whip finish the fly.
  15. Coat underbody where thread and foam meet with glue to add strength and prevent foam from rolling.
  16. Trim foam so it sticks out past hook eye.
  17. Trim legs.


  • The Fat Albert can be tied in different color combinations. Popular combos are brown/tan, black/red, brown/pink, tan/yellow.
  • Don’t use too many thread wraps to secure foam on each step. As other foam pieces are attached, it will add thread wraps to previous steps.

Her is a link to my YouTube video where I demonstrate how I tie the fly.

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