Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Chernobyl Ant.

Chernobyl Ant Black & Tan |

Image below shows optional body.

Chernobyl Ant Black & Tan - Bottom View |

Black & Red version

Chernobyl Ant Black & Red |
Chernobyl Ant Black & Red - Bottom View |



Daiichi 1720 (3XL), 1280 (2XL) or TMC 5212 (2XL), #8 – 4


6/0 or 140 denier black, tan, or brown


Tan 2 mm foam topped with black 2 mm foam


Black round rubber


Bright colored foam

Optional: Wrap a body of brown hackle and trim short before pulling foam over body.


  1. Start thread on hook and wind backwards to barb and back to hook point. This will create a base to secure foam and prevent slipping.
  2. Prepare foam by cutting a strip equal to gape of hook and trim butt end to a point.  Ensure foam is long enough to extend past hook eye.
  3. Tie in foam with several firm thread wraps. 
  4. Tie on legs on each side of the foam to form rear legs.
  5. Tie in back foam indicator.
  6. Pull foam and legs back and tie in hackle. Move thread forward to a point two eye lengths back from eye.
  7. Wrap thread forward with tight wraps. Trim hackle short on all sides.
  8. Pull foam forward over body and tie down with several firm thread wraps.
  9. Tie in another set of legs. For larger flies, use double legs.
  10. Pull foam back and whip finish behind hook eye.
  11. Trim legs so each set is about length of body.
  12. Trim foam head so it extends just beyond hook eye.
  13. Add a drop of Zap-a-Gap to secure foam where thread binds foam to hook for additional security.