Here is the current offering of presentations available by RiverKeeper Flies for your fly club. PowerPoint presentations include the quality pictures you’re used to seeing on my RiverKeeper Flies website. 

Oregon’s Metolius River

The Metolius River presentation is about the river and it’s access points; the fish available; the hatches; effective flies to imitate hatches; and how to fish with tips for success. 

Fly Fishing Road Trips

I’ve been fortunate to be able to travel and fish rivers in Idaho, Montana, and Washington for a couple of weeks at a time for the last few years. This presentation provides examples of rivers fished and places to stay. Rivers could include: the Big Hole (MT), lower Madison (MT), DePuy Spring Creek (MT), St. Joe (ID), Stillwater (MT), mighty Missouri (MT), Quake Lake (MT), Upper Columbia (WA) and of course Yellowstone Park.

Effective Dry Fly Strategies for Spring Creeks

In this presentation, I provide lessons learned from my 45+ years of experience fishing spring creeks. Topics include: where to find fish, successful techniques on approach and casting, effective flies, equipment and terminal gear.

Please contact me for availability and pricing.


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