Here is the fly pattern sheet for Matts Midge.

#24 Matt's Midge |

This is a size 24 Matt’s Midge.




Dai Riki 320 or TMC 100 #20 – 26


8/0 Danville black


Working thread


Zelon, EP Trigger Point, or antron, white


Grizzly hackle


  1. Attach thread to hook and use touching thread turns, winding thread to hook barb and back to 60% mark.
  2. Tie in 1/2 hank of Zelon for wing and trim butt ends. Trim wing length to back end of body.
  3. Tie in hackle at base of wing and wrap thread to point behind eye.
  4. Wind hackle forward to hook eye with three turns. Tie off hackle.
  5. Whip finish.

I found this fly from Youtube: tightlinevideo – Matt’s Midge, produced by Tightline Productions.

Be sure to check out my Small Flies post for more information.

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