Here is the fly pattern sheet for the GS Midge. It’s a simple fly to tie and the initials are from a customer who requested the fly.

GS Midge |

A customer sent me a tattered fly and asked if I could replicate it.

Size 26 Midge with Sample on Top |



Daiichi 1110, #24 – 26


Veevus 16/0, black and olive


Working thread


Black Krystal Flash, black (4 fibers)


Spirit River UV2 dubbing, black


  1. Begin olive thread on hook one eye length behind eye, creating slight taper with thread.
  2. End with thread in thorax area. Switch to black thread.
  3. Select 4 Krystal Flash fibers and tie in directly behind eye.
  4. Dub the thorax and end with thread at hook eye.
  5. Pull wingcase forward and tie off. Pull fibers back to create wing and secure with several thread wraps.
  6. Whip finish and trim wing to 1/2 body length.

Here is a link to my RiverKeeper Flies YouTube channel where I demonstrate how to tie the fly.