Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Heindl.

Heindl |



Daiichi 1180 or any dry fly hook #16


Danville 70 denier


Brown hackle


Stripped peacock herl


Brown hackle


UV hot pink EP Trigger Point Fibers (Hareline product code – EPQ289)


  1. Begin thread on hook and tie in 8 to 10 hackle fibers for tail.
  2. Select a piece of peacock herl and hold in hand. Run thumbnail over fibers to remove. The result will be a brownish smooth body.
  3. Tie in at base of tail. Wind thread forward with touching turns to create a smooth underbody. I go to hook eye and back 3/4 and back to hook eye. Return to 1/2 point and back to 1/3 mark. This will create a smooth, tapered underbody to wrap peacock.
  4. Wind peacock forward with touching turns. For durability, place a small amount of brushable superglue on thread. Tie off peacock and trim.
  5. Tie in indicator fibers two eye lengths behind eye with 4 or 5 thread wraps. Trim at angle to create taper and cover with thread.
  6. Tie in hackle. This is a heavily hackled fly, so use at least eight wraps to indicator and three wraps in front. Tie off without trapping fibers and trip hackle tip.
  7. Whip finish.