This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is Mike Lawson’s EZ Caddis.

Lawson's EZ Caddis |

Lawson’s EZ Caddis is an offshoot of his Spent Partridge Caddis he created over 40 years ago. The reason is fairly simple how the fly came about…old age. Yup, as Mike got older it was more difficult for him to pick up the fly. The EZ Caddis sports a parachute post to easily see the fly.

A lot of fly fishers I know could use a little help locating their flies, me included.

Mike recommends tying the fly in sizes 14, 16, and 18. Top colors are tan and green.

I fished this fly several years ago after purchasing a few from Deschutes Angler in Maupin, OR. I used to fish the North Junction area of the Deschutes River and always stopped at the fly shop to obtain a little intel. Even though I tie hundreds of flies, I do pick up some occasionally from fly shops. I’ve always said you need to leave a few dollars at the fly shop even if you don’t really need anything as a way to say “thank you” for any information you receive. And flies fit the bill for me that day.

I purchased this Lawson’s EZ Caddis last week at Henry’s Fork Anglers in Last Chance, ID along the banks of the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River. It’s the first of a handful of flies I plan to highlight in future Throw Back Thursday Fly posts.

If you are a fly tyer, here is a video of Mike tying his EZ Caddis.

Enjoy…go fish!

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