This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is Lance Egan’s Frenchie.

Egan's Frenchie |

You might recognize other famous flies Lance Egan has created, including the Red Dart and Rainbow Warrior.

Lance would tell you he didn’t invent the Frenchie, but this is a spin-off of a competition style fly he developed during his first World Fly Fishing Championship in Portugal in 2006. In fly tying parlance, it’s called a “variant”.

Egan’s Frenchie is his favorite version of a Frenchie fly, a simplified Pheasant Tail nymph with hot-spots. He substitutes CDL for pheasant tail tail to create a more durable fly.

Lance Egan has won the US national fly-fishing championship several times and won medals at the world championships. I think I’d pay attention to any fly he created!

Perhaps you should as well!

Enjoy…stay home, stay safe.

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