Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Damp Damsel nymph.

Damp Damsel Nymph - Side View |
Damp Damsel Nymph - Top View |



Daiichi 1270, TMC 200 size 8 – 12


Uni 8/0 Olive


3 – 6 strands chartreuse Krystal Flash under sparse tuft of marabou


Strip of closed-cell foam


Dubbing to match natural


Fine or small gold wire


Dubbing to match natural


Dyed green partridge

Eyes (optional):

Melted monofilament


Strip of closed-cell foam


  1. Begin thread on hook and wind backwards to hook point.
  2. Tie in Krystal Flash and marabou for tail. Bind down butt ends.
  3. Tie in wire for rib.
  4. Tie in narrow strip of foam at hook point.
  5. Dub thin body, ending at 2/3 point.
  6. Pull foam forward and tie off.
  7. Wrap rib forward and tie off.
  8. Tie in wider strip of foam at 2/3 point.
  9. Select partridge feather and tie in by tip.
  10. Dub thorax.
  11. Spiral the partridge feather forward and tie off.
  12. Pull fibers to each side while pulling foam over thorax and tie off.
  13. Add eyes and whip finish.

Personal tying notes:

  • Fl chartreuse Krystal Flash
  • Montana Fly Strung Marabou Blood Quill – Light Olive
  • Premium Hungarian Partridge Feathers – Olive (Hareline #PHP 263)
  • Dubbing – Hareline Green Damsel #19
  • 2mm foam – moss green
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