This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is the LaFontaine Emergent Pupa.

Anyone see any continuity from last week? Just checking…

LaFontaine Emergent Pupa |

The LaFontaine Emergent Pupa is the final phase of a caddis as it climbs out of its pupal shuck and makes its way to the surface to finally fly away from the water. The earlier stage is a pupa and last week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly – the LaFontaine Deep Sparkle Pupa.

This is another Gary LaFontaine creation from the 1980s and his book entitled Caddisflies.

Gary’s underwater research highlighted the shiny pupa as it was right at the surface trying to get through the meniscus…where water and air meet. The sheath of antron represents the gaseous bubble surrounding the body of the real caddis and something trout key upon.

Amazing how fly fishers forget about some of these older flies.

I better tie up a few more of these in different sizes and colors. Perhaps those selective fish might just eat one!

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