This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is the Klinkhåmer Special TBT.

Klinkhamer Special |

You know it’s a popular fly when you can read about it in Wikipedia!

Originally named the LT Caddis (the initials LT standing for light tan), the fly was designed by Hans van Klinken in 1984 to imitate caddis larva on Norway’s Glomma River.

The Klinkhåmer Special is designed in a way to imitate a caddis larva attempting to emerge through the miniscus. The body and thorax ride just below the surface, with the parachute holding the fly in place.

Rather than paraphrase the fly’s history, here is a link where Hans van Klinken does so in his own words posted on the website by Tom Sutcliffe called – The Spirit of Fly Fishing – in April 2012, the 25th anniversary. CLICK HERE

Enjoy…go fish!

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