This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is the In-The-Film CDC Midge Emerger.

In-The-Film CDC Midge Emerger - Black |

I found this fly recently while reviewing Ed Engle’s Tying Small Flies book.

I tied up four size 22 In-The-Film CDC Midge Emergers and placed them on a dime to show how small they are.

4 Size 22 In-The-Film CDC Midge Emergers on a Dime |

I met Ed through a friend while fishing the Metolius back in 2016. My wife and I were attempting to show him where the fish were rising and telling him stories about the “big a$$” rainbows we are fortunate to land on occasion. He graciously sent me a signed copy of his book as a “thank you”.

I already had a copy of his book, but decided I better reread it to find out what the master had to say. Since seasons have changed and small flies will be the norm for a while, I decided today was a good day to try again.

I should also say, someone recently contacted me to purchase some flies to imitate what the fish were taking subsurface. I had to come clean…”I don’t have a clue”.

I had tied several of the Midge Fly Patterns found in the link. I wrote about some of them in a post entitled appropriately Tying Small Flies. Sorry to say, the fish weren’t interested when I fished them.

I liked the look of the In-The-Film CDC Midge Emerger. It’s similar to my RiverKeeper Callibaetis Emerger I tie and fish in lakes. The CDC wing is a good imitation for the wing emerging from a nymph or pupa.

I’m still looking for an effective midge fly pattern for my home waters.

Enjoy…go fish, stay safe!

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  1. Hi John,
    I’m interested in putting a box of flies together.
    This In The Film fly looks fishy- interested to know if the fish think the same?

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