This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is the Improved Chaos Hopper TBT.

Chaos Hopper |

It’s no coincidence I chose the Improved Chaos Hopper for this week’s post. I saw a picture earlier this week of a beautiful Brown Trout posted by Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone. The fish ate a hopper fly pattern!

I originally found this fly pattern in Fly Patterns of Yellowstone – Volume 2 (2008) by Craig Mathews and John Juracek.

I remember purchasing materials for the Improved Chaos Hopper from Blue Ribbon Flies.

Improved Chaos Hopper Materials |

Rowen Nyman, a BRF guide, created the fly and shared it with BRF in 1995. They began selling the Improved Chaos Hopper in their fly shop in 1996.

Why is the fly “improved”? While not completely certain, I think the original Chaos Hopper had a straight foam head. The Improved Chaos Hopper has a bullet-style head where the foam is folded backward over the body.

I’ve used this fly for several years and really like the way it floats and movement the legs provide. It’s easy to see and the fly works!

If you are a fly tyer, I highly recommend tying a few hoppers. They will be a great addition to your terrestrial fly box.

Enjoy…go fish!

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