Here are this week’s images from the water. While waiting for fish to rise, I have plenty of time to look around and find subjects to capture. I hope you enjoy this week’s portfolio.

Releasing Metolius Rainbow Trout |

A Golden Stone adult and empty nymphal shuck on the Metolius River.

Tying on a new fly.

Attaching New Fly |

Honestly, we haven’t seen a lot of fish eating Green Drakes this year. The hatch has been sporadic at best.

Dancingtrout caught this Green Drake floating down the river in her paint strainer mesh bag over a net. The insect was still in the nymphal shuck, but fully emerged before I could pull my camera out. This is about as fresh of an adult you could find. It quickly flew off.

Freshly Hatched Green Drake |

Fewer fish rising for Green Drakes mean many days watching, hoping for rising fish…and pictures taken.

Green Drake Resting on Stick |

And a Green Drake taking off from the water.

Green Drake Flying off Water |

Metolius River Rainbow with Clark’s Big May – Green Drake.

Metolius Rainbow with Clark's Big Mayfly |

I never tire of these beautiful trout.

Metolius River Rainbow |

A sequence caught of fish being netted…

…and the final result.

Landing Metolius Rainbow - Sequence 4 |

A PMD floating on the water, but no trout rising to eat them.

PMD on the Water |

Metolius River canyon

Metolius River Canyon |

Butterfly on flowers

Butterfly on Flower - Metolius River |

Enjoy…go fish!

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