Here is this week’s images from the water. Fewer days on the water results in fewer images. I’m still enjoying these posts as a means to share my work. I hope you enjoy this week’s portfolio.

October Caddis Closeup |

This October Caddis was walking around on a bush next to me and stopped long enough to capture a couple images. I like how he’s looking directly at the camera!

We’re still seeing Mayflies, but no fish rising. Looks like I’ll need to pull out my nymphs!

Metolius Mayfly with Upright Wings |

Notice the green eyes.

And with wings flat on water as it was fluttering the wings.

Metolius Mayfly with Flat Wings |

I’d guess this Mayfly is a Cinygmula.

Metolius Mayfly |

Lastly, a PMD.

PMD on Metolius |

The only fish I’ve seen up close. Someone’s been snacking on it.

Partially Eaten Kokanee |

Not too long ago, there were beautiful leaves on these bushes.

Fall Time on the River |

See you soon…

Enjoy…go fish!

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