Here is this week’s images from the water. With the weather changing, it might be the last one for a while. As I write this post on Wednesday morning, I’m looking out at the snow falling. I hope you enjoy this week’s portfolio.

Holding Metolius River Rainbow |

These large Rainbows are out there, but not on my line! It was over 20″!

I love the reflection from the ripples created by lifting the fish from the water.

Metolius Rainbow and Reflections |

Can you find the Bull Trout in this image?

Bull Trout Hiding on Metolius River |

He’s smiling at you!

Bull Trout - Metolius |

Evidently, I’m not fishing for Bull Trout with the proper technique.

Fishing for Bull Trout - Metolius |

I could hear them from across the river after locating a Bull Trout hidden in the brush.

I really enjoy finding Dippers on the river.

Dipper - Metolius River |

Beautiful colors!

Fighting Fish - Metolius |

Enjoy…go fish!

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