Here are this week’s images from the water. While waiting for fish to rise, I have plenty of time to look around and enjoy the fall colors on my home waters, the Metolius River. I hope you enjoy this week’s portfolio.

Metolius River at Hatchery - Fall Colors |

Fall colors

Fall Colors on Metolius River |

A fly fisher and his dog.

Fly Fisher and Dog - Metolius River |

Capturing the sunlight breaking over trees.

Metolius River - Autumn |

Dipper flapping its wings to remove water.

Dipper Flapping Wings on Metolius River |

Even though this is a little soft on focus, I really like it.

Dipper on Metolius River |

Beautiful Rainbow Trout.

Metolius Rainbow |

…headed home…

Rainbow Tail - Metolius River |

This is a strong, fat Rainbow that jumped six or seven times.

Metolius Redside |

This is the reward for slowing down and using your observation skills. What do you see?

Log on Metolius - Stonefly Nymph Shucks |

Now take a closer look. I was only able to see this when I stepped in the water to find insects along the shore vegetation.

Log on Metolius - Stonefly Nymph Shucks Closer View |

A mass of stonefly nymphs. I recognize the empty Cascades Stone nymph shucks, but the smaller ones are a mystery to me. We’ve seen lots of Olive Stones about an inch long. It may be them…and then again…

Stonefly Nymph Shucks - Metolius River |

The next two images certainly aren’t my best, but I wanted to show how incredibly difficult it is to find right depth of field and focus of these insects moving on the water as the water moves.

Flav on Water - Metolius River |

Colors on the water are amazing.

Flav Flying off Water on Metolius |

Closeup view of Cascades Stone.

Cascades Stone Closeup - Metolius River |

October Caddis

October Caddis - Metolius River |

Wildflower on log.

Metolius Flower - Fall |

Just a wild guess, but could this be a kangaroo rat?

Kangeroo Rat (Maybe) on Metolius River |

I must say, my home waters are beautiful this time of year. I’ll certainly miss these colorful views as the leaves drop and the landscape becomes more monochrome. And fewer insects to capture with my Nikon camera.

Fall Colors on Metolius in Early Morning |

Enjoy…go fish!

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  1. John,
    Great images. Thanks for the pics….the Fly Fisher and his dog are me and my dog Tapio(Tap), a 2yr old pudelpointer who loves the river. I thought that might be you taking pics.

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