Here are this week’s images from the water. We’ve made our way to the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, our first stop on this year’s fly fishing road trip and inspiration for this week’s portfolio.

Henry's Fork Sunset |

Beetle on blade of grass.

Beetle on Grass Blade - Henry's Fork |

Osprey searching for fish.

Osprey Searching on Henry's Fork |

Mission accomplished!

Osprey with Fish on Henry's Fork |

One of hundreds of gulls eating insects.

Gull on Henry's Fork |

Images of streamside vegetation.

Purple Flowers on Henry's Fork |
Grass on the Henry's Fork |
Yellow Flowers on Henry's Fork |

Angry clouds during thunderstorm.

Angry Clouds on Henry's Fork |

Full moon

Full Moon on Henry's Fork |

Enjoy…go fish!

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  1. Love this, makes me want to be in Montana in August on the Bighorn. Can wait because Summer will be almost over. Looking forward to our trip though. Thanks for post the Snake pictures!!

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