In this week’s images from Iceland, I’ll share a few images of waterfalls, Icelandic horses, and glaciers.

Skógafoss Falls - Iceland with Photographers |

I share the image above to remind you we were on a photography tour. This is what happens when the van stops and all of us get off with cameras and tripods in hand!


Skógafoss Falls

Skógafoss Falls - Iceland |


Dettifoss Waterfall - Iceland |


Gullfoss Waterfall - Iceland |

Foss á Síðu

Foss á Síðu - Iceland |

And a small river alongside the road we stopped at. I was looking for likely places where a fish might hold.

Small Waterfall on Iceland River |

Icelandic horses

The horses in Iceland are unique. We stopped multiple times to capture a few images of these magnificant animals.

Icelandic Horse Stare Down |
Blue-eyed Icelandic Horse |

These horses always ran or walked to the fence line to greet us.

Curious Icelandic Horse |
Horses Running in Iceland |

We found babies in the fields during our 12 day trip, but there was never a pull-out close by to safely stop.

At the end of day 2 fly fishing and on the way to the airport, we found this mom and baby.

Mom and Baby Icelandic Horse |
Lunch Time - Iceland |
Icelandic Horse in Field |


We viewed glaciers on our drive around the southwest area of Iceland very close to the ocean.

Iceland Glacier |

Large glacier with two small red rafts with about a dozen passengers. This glacier was massive.

Glacier Lake with Boats in Iceland |

Closer view of the glacier next to the lagoon.

Glacier Closeup in Iceland |

Blue iceberg in a lagoon.

Large Iceberg in Iceland |

Iceberg closeup.

Blue Ice in Iceland |

We found small icebergs on the black volcanic rock beaches.

Ice on Beach in Iceland |

I found this bird looking piece of ice on the beach and layed in the sand for a closeup picture.

Bird in Ice - Iceland |

Enjoy…go fish!

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  1. Fantastic! Donna and I are so pleased that you and Karen had this opportunity. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi John,

    Loved the all of the pictures but I have to ask, “What camera is DancingTrout holding while talking to the horse?” I looks like a Nikon point & shoot. Take care & …

    Tight Lines – Al Beatty

    1. Thanks for the comment Al. She’s using my original Nikon mirrorless, the Z50 crop sensor camera. The lens on the camera is a 16-50mm, but we have a 50-250mm that came with the kit. In addition, she used my 105mm macro for puffins, which made it a 157mm flull frame equivalent.


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