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  • Images from the Water
    A few more images from the water taken in the last two weeks. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them. These images were taken on the hiker trail between Canyon Creek and the Hatchery. A Green Drake I found floating downstream in the current. Note the yellow pollen specks in…
  • Fly Fishing the Lower Deschutes River
    Last week, I was fly fishing the Lower Deschutes River with my friend Eric. This has been mostly an annual event for the several years and it’s something I look forward to. The image above is Eric’s reaction when the fish decided he’d had enough pictures! We launch at the Warm Springs boat ramp and…
  • Images From the Water
    If you were paying attention, you might have noticed I didn’t create a Throw Back Thursday Fly post a couple of weeks ago. It’s the first time that’s happened in almost 9 years. I decided I didn’t have the time to complete one because I was busy with other things and decided not to stress…

Throw Back Thursday Flies

Stalcup's Stillborn Emerger - Bottom View |

Stalcup’s Stillborn Emerger

Guides off the Map to secret Destinations

Bergman's Hawthorne |

Bergman’s Hawthorne

Tips on what to look for that make or break a trip


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